ProSPEK-99 Elite computer screen glasses by Spektrum [REVIEW]

I’ve been using Spektrum ProSpek-99 Elite computer screen glasses over a year now! I’ve found them that helpful. The initial idea was to test them for 6-8 weeks, write a review, and test the next pair. But, as it often happens, I had to give priority to other issues and kept putting off the writing of this review. The article focuses on Spektrum ProSpek-99 Elite computer screen glasses’ effectiveness against computer eye strain.

DisclaimerI am NOT a vision scientist nor a physician but a more computer glare and light-sensitive person. Hence, my interest in how to prevent eye strain with computer glasses. If you wish to add or discuss something below, please, do write about it in comments or send me a note for the benefit of other readers.

Disclosure: The glasses reviewed were sent to me free of charge by Spektrum after I contacted them to let them know about the post on best blue light blocking computer screen glasses. Also, GLARminŸ earns a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you use the links labeled (commission link) and purchase a product. Thanks for supporting GLARminŸ!


Spektrum’s selection of computer screen glasses

In addition to ProSPEK-99 with amber lens, which is being reviewed here, Spektrum also offers the ProSPEK-50 lens, which filters less blue light (spectrogram here). This lens is nearly clear and has a blue blocking coating.

In total, they offer 10 different frame styles and clip-ons.

Their Pro – 50% model has a variant called Readers that comes with power add (you can choose from +0.50 up to +3.00).


Spektrum sells their computer screen glasses on their own website and through their store on Amazon (commission link).


Review: ProSPEK-99 Elite computer glasses

The stronger, amber blue blocking lens (ProSPEK-99 Elite) is currently offered in one frame style and as clip-ons.

computer screen glasses spektrum prospek 99 elite



Spectral transmission data should be the first thing you want to check when it comes to computer screen glasses because different lenses, even when appearing to have the same tint (yellow, amber, or orange), may have considerably different blue light blocking properties.

Below you can see spectral transmission diagram for ProSPEK-99 Elite computer screen glasses (tabular data is also available on Spektrum’s site).


Transmission of the ProSPEK-99 Elite lens is near zero up to about 490nm. Above that wavelength, transmission increases to plateau above 80% by 560nm. (If you need help with the interpretation of the above diagram, this image might help you).

(In this table you can see how these computer screen glasses compare with others in blue light blocking capacity).



ProSPEK-99 Elite transmission and computer eye strain

Based on spectral transmission alone these glasses look promising in terms of their positive effect on computer eye strain. They block near 100% of blue light in the range where digital screens (and other energy saving light sources) emit it most intensely. This is also the range that is critical for blue light-induced computer eye strain and very similar to the blue blocking range of our macular pigment.


ProSPEK-99 Elite transmission and insomnia

In terms of helping you sleep better, the ProSPEK-99 Elite lens might work for you if you don’t have severe issues with insomnia caused by blue light (sensitivity peaks at ~480nm and approaches 0 only after ~550nm). So with these computer screen glasses, you’d still be getting some of the light that may suppress the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin.


Anti Reflective (AR) coating: Yes

Prescription: These computer screen glasses have no power add.

Frame dimensions for ProSPEK-99 Elite glasses (as provided by the manufacturer on the frame) are 53-19-139 – meaning:
Lens width – 53 mm
Bridge width – 19 mm
Temple length – 139 mm

Additional dimensions (my measurements):
Lens height – 31 mm
Total width – 145 mm

These dimensions feel perfect for my head-size, ears, and nose 🙂


Personal experience with ProSPEK-99 Elite computer screen glasses

In general, I was very happy with these blue blocking glasses. Specifically:
– they eliminate blue light emitted by the black background I usually use on my computer screen
by eliminating the a.m. blue haze, the contrast between black background and orange text I normally use is greatly improved
– also, taking the blue light out makes for a clearer image – the characters appear a lot sharper which has been soothing to my eyes
– the AR coating turned out very important for me (I had tried wearing my Uvex SCT Orange glasses (commission link) for computer work, but gave them up because they still caused eye strain and dry eyes
– Spektrum ProSPEK-99 computer screen glasses are very light and comfortable
– they don’t tend to fog up! quite important to me – note that I normally cycle at work  🙂
– I’ve also noted the symptom of dry eyes has been diminishing in intensity since I’ve been wearing these computer screen glasses (as long as I use them in what for me are optimal computer lighting conditions)

I’ve been thinking hard to come up with some negatives, but really cannot think of any.

In summary, these computer screen glasses improve my computer eye strain considerably which is why I kept using them for over a year.


You may order ProSPEK-99 Elite glasses from Spektrum or Amazon (commission link).


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5 thoughts on “ProSPEK-99 Elite computer screen glasses by Spektrum [REVIEW]

      1. Thanks for adding the dimensions. Do you find the glasses too small or OK?
        I wonder why they call the magnified version readers? Gunnar does that as well. If I take a 2.0 reading glasses do I get the same for the computer glasses?


      2. No, they are not too small at all – they are very comfortable for my head, nose and ears 🙂

        I am not sure I understand your second question. Basically you can get blue blocking, tinted lenses with or without magnification.

        Without magnification you get the benefit of less blue light from computer screen entering your eyes.

        If your eyes also require some power add you have the option of getting the lens with the same blue blocking properties that also magnify the image, so your eyes strain less.

        Does that answer your question?


      3. Yes, I just wondered why they call them Readers when they add the magnification to them since people will still be using them as computer glasses


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