If GLARY is defined as having a dazzling brightness (Merriam-Webster dictionary), then GLARminY is an intended community of Glarmins, people who suffer from above average light sensitivity. GLARminY is also a desired state of a Glarmin in which glare that enters our eyes is minimized to avoid headaches and fatigue thus living more normally. Glarminy’s mission is, therefore, to help Glarmins, by providing a place where we can share our glare related problems and solutions. Glarminy is where we can help each other.

What is glary to a Glarmin would hardly be perceived as disturbing brightness by other people. Examples include several ordinary situations:

  • Driving at night: unbearable discomfort caused by headlight glare and even the glare from tail lights, traffic lights or road signs!!
  • Driving in daytime: fatiguing discomfort caused by reflections of the sun from one’s dashboard, from the road, from other cars, etc.
  • Work & home: disturbing reflection of light reflected form paper when reading, fatigue caused by the contrast between a computer screen and office lighting as it changes with the movement of the Sun and the clouds), discomfort caused when a window is behind the person to whom you are talking, uneasiness whenever there is a light bulb anywhere in the field of vision, etc.

If you are a Glarmin, you identify with the above situations and glare bothers you nearly all of the time.

Using flashing or bright light is a well-known method of interrogation. This technique is designed to overload the senses, interfering with sleep, cognition, and concentration. A light sensitive person might suffer the same adverse effects in normal daily situations.

Using flashing or bright light is a well-known method of interrogation. This technique is designed to overload the senses, interfering with sleep, cognition, and concentration. A light sensitive person might suffer the same adverse effects in normal daily situations.

Glare disturbs us, Glarmins, because it leads to headaches, tension around the eyes and general weariness. It makes it difficult for us to lead a normal life (for example, one hour of driving may tire you to the point of having to lie down to rest and recover from headache and eyestrain). Ophthalmologists call this condition photophobia or light sensitivity or intolerance to light (see www.eyehealthweb.com, or www.allaboutvision.com). Light sensitivity may be a symptom of another condition or disease that may be treated, thus removing the problem with light sensitivity. However, some people are naturally more sensitive to light (their pupils might be larger, allowing more light to enter their eyes such that they might see better at night, but brightness disturbs them more).

Do leave me a note if you identify with a Glarmin or know someone who is! I am very curious to see how many of you out there share this condition with me. The statistics in my country say that about 5% of total population report glare-related problems when visiting an eye doctor.  Do you think that is about right? Do you have access to statistics that differ significantly from this number?

About me

My name is Uroš, I am from Slovenia (so I hope you bear with my English) where I live with my wife and four children.

VIP Kriz&mi

I got my B.Sc. degree in Applied Math and Economics in the USA, MBA in Spain, and recently a Ph.D. in Slovenia. In all these countries I also worked for extensive periods of time, mostly as a sales manager or a general manager of smaller businesses (here is my LinkedIn profile).

I love my family, managing businesses, working with/helping people, hiking and mountain biking.



  1. I’ve had light sensitivity all of my life. I have my own insurance office in Wisconsin, USA and have had eye problems increasingly. I’ve been looking for someone who understands/shares this problem because I really don’t want to do something else, this job is great. Thank you so much for posting all of this. There has been some experimenting on my end to try and get rid of the eyestrain/headaches. I think because most people don’t have it to this extreme they can’t quite understand why it causes so much hardship. This information is so valuable, I can’t thank you enough. Many internet searches have not produced this level of detail and your site is truly underappreciated at this moment in time.



  2. Hi Uroš,

    My name is Matheo. I’m a web user interface designer, roughly 90% of my work is executed on a computer. I stare at a computer screen for a minimum of 6-8 hours a day, and on a long day roughly 8-12 hours of my day is dedicated to the computer. Needless to say I suffer from digital eyestrain.

    Your site caught my attention because I’ve suffered from light sensitivity ever since I was a child. I recall coming home Light-sick from the doctors office on more than one occasion because of photophobia. Due to the nature of my career I’ve learned to cope with chronic eyestrain, but I’ve always kept faith that there must be hope in the brightness; a reprieve from the light.

    So far, I’ve yet to discover this reprieve for us Glarmin, but I’ve not given up on hope. I’m researching methods to design for the web with light sensitivity in mind. Your site is an excellent example of light conscious design, which reduces the amount of strain on the readers eyes. Thank you for curating this community dedicated to us Glarmins.

    Kind regards,




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