Last Piece of Advice for People with Severe Computer Eye Strain

2,5 years ago (at 47) I stopped trying to figure out how to ease my eye strain.

I’d been in touch with many people with severe eye strain. Not one of them has found a good solution for it.

And the best doctors in the world can’t help it.

Also, no matter where you live, even in the most social countries, don’t expect the state to support you. Because eye strain it is not considered an illness/handicap.

I consider myself lucky to have a job. It is quite difficult to change completely one’s job when one is fifty. Your are either overqualified or underqualified…

The job I have is a manual job. Unfortunately, most intelectual jobs require screen time in offices lit by LED or fluorescent lights.

Since then I use screens here and there. But not too long. I also do my best to stay away from LED and fluorscent lights.

If I overdo it (say 1hr of computer work) the symptoms return.

But apart form that I feel a lot better. Overall 🙂

The advice I would give to anyone with severe computer induced eye strain is:


The younger you are, the more reason you have to change ASAP.

Simply because:
– it is so much easier to change profession at an early age
– you’d just be abusing your eyes longer, which means the recovery will take longer

I suppose this is not what you wanted to hear from me.
But it’s what I which someone would have told me long ago.
I know it’s shocking to even think about changing completely your profession.
But, do consider yourself lucky for knowing it today.

And run away from screens:
You might discover a much more beautiful, fulfilling and happy life there 🙂