Astigmatism treatment may be a very important way of fighting photophobia / light sensitivity. One of the symptoms of astigmatism is also (mis)perception of glare (see Does anybody else have trouble driving at night because of headlight glare?). Given the alternatives my favorite astigmatism treatment is exercising eye muscles.

Determining if you need astigmatism treatment

You should do the following astigmatism test for each of your eyes. Cover one of the eyes and look at the picture below with the other. All lines should be the same distance from each other, of the same thickness and black. If some lines look fuzzier (lighter) or are not the same distance from each other, then you might need astigmatism treatment. (Note, that astigmatism may be present at some distances, but not others, so you might want to look at the picture at different distances.) If in doubt, you might want to go see an eye doctor.

If you decide for the below suggested astigmatism treatment, you might want to come back to the above picture periodically to check on your progress, which may be faster or slower, depending on how your eye muscles respond.

What is astigmatism

Most sources say that astigmatism is blurred vision usually caused by the irregular shape of the cornea (see All about vision, or American Optometric Association). What most fail to tell you is that the root cause of the distortion in the shape of the cornea is asymmetric tension in the eye muscles (the video Improve your eyesight naturally explains it in some detail from minute 19:02 on).

Astigmatism treatment

Normally eye doctors suggest corrective glasses, contacts, or laser surgery. These astigmatism treatments are fast, require no effort and little time, just money and risk taking.

Conversely, you can try to relax the tension in your eye muscles through exercise. This astigmatism treatment is based on Dr. Bates method which is analogous to physiotherapy – muscle tension is released through exercise. The exercises are much more easily shown than described, so, again, I recommend you view the video Improve your eyesight naturally. From minute 20:20 Leo Angart shows a lighter exercise recommended as the initiation of astigmatism treatment. From minute 43.30 (or here) you may view the hard-core anti astigmatism treatment exercise. You should do it 2-3 times a day for 5 minutes. So, if you have 10-15 minutes a day to spare, that is all it takes. It works in most (90%) of the cases. (For your convenience I have put the Tibetan wheel at the bottom of this post. You will need to print it out to do the exercise).

Would you like to add anything else? Would you recommend yet another alternative for astigmatism treatment?

Astigmatism treatment - the Tibetan wheel