How to reduce eye strain [a FAST and SIMPLE fix]

how to reduce eye strain therapy

Computer eye strain is a pain. No matter what its symptoms.

Disturbing. And exhausting!

I hope your eye fatigue symptoms are not as bad as mine
(eye strain headache, glare and blue light sensitivity, dry eyes, red eyes, general fatigue).

To top it my eyestrain turned chronic!

But, it’s gotten a lot better.

Thanks in part to a simple, 90-second eye strain treatment.


There are many other eye strain remedies I use(d): f.lux/irishigh-contrast windows theme on my screen, glare-free lighting behind my monitor, eye strain glasses, etc.  (see other articles on this site).

The problem is, there are many computer eye strain causes.

So, it’s hard to find the one or two eye strain exercises to take care of all the causes.

But, the kicker is:

This simple treatment did get me through my PhD! And the first year of setting up this site!

That was the worse of my eye fatigue.

Here’s how you can do it too:

How to relieve eye strain with heat and cold

Your eyes should relax in a matter of seconds.

Apply the treatment to the areas that feel tense. Usually forehead, eyes, and temples.

Start with heat for about 15 seconds (careful not to burn yourself!)

Then cool for about 15 seconds.

TIP: Just count to 15 - no need to use a watch.

And repeat two more times. So you heat and cool 3 times in total.

You should feel eye strain relief immediately.


There are at least three ways of doing this in practice:


Using a Towel

Use a small towel big enough to cover your eyes, forehead, and temples.

How to reduce eye strain with a towel.

Wet it with hot water and apply as in the image above.

Then wet the towel with cold water and cover your face again.

TIP 1: You can also use two towels - a hot and a cold one.
TIP 2: Can also use any cloth you have at home. Fold to s suitable size. Wet it and...


Using a hot and a cold therapy pack

You’ll need two therapy packs. One to use as hot. The other as cold.

They should be big enough:

At least 6x12inch – 15x30cm – or so.

Here are a couple of 2-pack deals from Amazon (commission links):
(click on image for price)




They should work well!


NOTE: At home, a towel or therapy packs works very great.
you might find it awkward or impossible to use it at work.
Which is where you probably need eye strain relief the most.

So, here a solution to that problem:


Use water from a faucet

I found this method more practical.

Particularly since I had to do this every half hour.

– find the nearest bathroom/restroom with a faucet
– let run hot or cold water
– put your hands together to form a pool of water (see image), and
– dip your eyes and forehead into the pool. (Let the water run into your hands on one side of your head.

how to reduce eye strain with running water

Quick and simple. Right?

Just 90 seconds! Plus the time it takes you from your workstation to the nearest faucet and back.

You may apply this treatment as often as necessary.

Let me know in the comments if you are going to try this trick?

Also, we’d love to hear about:  How your eye strain feels like!

And: How long does eye strain last in your case?

(I know I am asking you a lot. but knowing other people’s experiences helps a lot! THANKS!)

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Here are some comments from the earlier version of this article:



  • Hi. I have passed one year with a digital eye strain symptoms. I tried my best with supplements(include meso), screen filter and sunglasses. They works but my eyes don’t get better. Is it treatable?

    1. Gwonpyo Lee, hi. Thanks for your question!

      I am not aware of computer eye strain being treatable. Not in the sense of the eyes feeling the same as before – gone completely :(.

      Some people report on important improvements after seeing this or that doctor. But not a 100% recovery.

      Figuring out the cure takes persistence and luck, though:
      – Because both causes and solutions differ from person to person
      – So it’s unlikely to find the doctor that is able to diagnose and treat whatever happens to be causing your computer eye strain.

      Unfortunately, the cause is not clear. Nor is it clear how to identify it. Particularly as there may be more than one.

      I mean, computer screens bring out the problem. But usually, there is a predisposing factor. Or a set of them.

      However, as you’ve done already, it is possible to improve computer eye strain.

      Unfortunately, sometimes it requires a change in work/life-style :(:

      That’s the best I can do. Does it help?

      1. Thank you for the reply. You do not seem to be cured either.

        I met four ophthalmologists. But all of them don’t help. (ToT)

        What I found is… Beta carotene(as vitamin a precursor) and vitamin b3 are really important as same as lutein.

        And riboflavin, dha(omega3), anthocyanosides also works.

        I really hope someday I will find the answer. I don’t wanna live forever with this shit.


      2. That’s why I mentioned PERSISTENCE.

        What you mention – meeting 4 ophthalmologists, but no help – is many people’s experience 😦

        You might speed up your search of a solution (or at least significant improvement) if you try seeing NEURO-OPHTHALMOLOGISTS.

        Good luck! Really!


  • Hello,
    Please can u tell me how to use this technique in winter ,not is so hard to put a cold towel can I use the hot one only .

    Thanks a lot ,

    1. Beshoy, hi and thanks for this question.
      I am not exactly sure what the issue is. Is it that the cold towel feels too cold? If so, there is no need to make it so cold it you can’t stand it. Just do what feels comfortable. You should feel the tension around your eyes easing off.
      Was that helpful? Best,



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