Review: T’aime amber lens 97% blue blocking computer glasses – Dinodon

After contacting T’aime to obtain spectral transmission data for the post on best blue blockers they offered to send me their Dinodon computer glasses for review. According to T’aime, the lenses on Dinodon’s filter 97% of blue light. Below you will find my thoughts after wearing the glasses for 4 weeks and the follow-up after another 8 weeks later. The focus of this review is on the lens effectiveness in blocking blue light and glare from computer (digital) screens and their ability to reduce computer eye strain and/or insomnia. Continue reading →


f.lux software: reduce glare on computer screen, sleep better, and …

  f.lux software - How to reduce glare on computer

Free f.lux software helps reduce glare on computer screen

f.lux software is another, excellent way to reduce glare on computer screen. There are excellent reviews (for example here, here, and here) along with simple instructions of how to use and personalize this user friendly software. If you do computer work at night, or under artificial lights only, f.lux software may help you sleep better and reduce computer eye strain. I have been using f.lux software for about half a year now and I’ve been thrilled to discover that people with light sensitivity (photophobia) can benefit from f.lux software in some unexpected ways. Continue reading →