How to reduce screen brightness: 3 free light filter apps

How to reduce screen brigthness_3 light filter apps

How to reduce screen brightness: 3 free filter apps

How to reduce screen brightness below the device’s settings has always been a problem for me, and, I suspect, for anyone who is glare/light sensitive. In this post I propose 3 free filter apps with different characteristics and provide a link to some more screen filter apps, for those who love more options.

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What is photophobia: definition, symptoms, causes, and treatment (part 2)

 hat is photophobia: photophobia definition, photophobia symptoms, photophobia causes, photophobia treatment

What is photophobia: Photophobia Treatment

This is the second part of my summary of the article Shedding Light on Photophobia. It concerns the article’s last section on diagnosis and photophobia treatment. (You may read about photophobia definition, symptoms and causes here).

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