Can looking at screens cause headaches? Which PC screen light wavelengths?

QuestionI’ve bought a used iPhone SE from a friend. It turns out that looking at its screen causes headaches!? I have seen an ophthalmologist who says there is nothing wrong. A neurologist says it is computer overuse syndrome. Yet I am certain it is looking at iPhone SE screen. Otherwise, there would be no way to have two devices next to each other where one causes a migraine headache and the other doesn’t. Which PC screen light wavelengths could be causing my headache? I am also wondering why I find Tester Filter #7 helpful? (You write on your website that PC screens emit little light in the range that is blocked by Filter #7).

(A broader issue of why light from some PC screens but not others may cause eye strain is also addressed in this comment/answer).

Answer: PC screen light, when displaying white, tends to have a typical spectral power distribution (SPD). However, different screen models may have slightly different SPD. That could be the reason why looking at your iPhone SE screen causes a headache (and why you find relief with Tester Filter #7). Moreover, different people may respond very differently to the same PC screen light SPD – a simple proof of that is that your friend (supposedly) had no problems with the very same iPhone SE screen, nor do/did many, many other users worldwide. Below you may find a possible explanation in comparing SPDs of screen light emitted by different models of iPhone. Continue reading


How to take care of eyes for computer users: Screen cover, App, both…?

Question: Is it your view, that you’re covered, if you have Iris blue light app on every digital screen device – that you don’t need a screen cover – or do you use both? I’m considering Reticare screen cover for both retinal care and insomnia. I am under the impression that it works for both. If you don’t agree, I would love to hear from you. Continue reading

What is the best blue light filter for migraine glasses?

Question: I suffer from migraines on a regular basis because I am working on a screen all day. Any suggestions on which blue light filters to try first? Continue reading

Do photophobia symptoms fluctuate in intensity? Why? What to do?

Question: I am constantly sensitive to light, but I can normally watch a little TV, go online, etc. However, when I’m having a flare-up in my photophobia symptoms, I can’t bare any lights in my house when it’s dark outside. I also can’t look at a phone or TV (my mum is typing this for me). Do people have a flare in photophobia symptoms or are they generally constant? What causes the increase in light sensitivity, and what helps you to get out of it?

Answer: Continue reading

How to reduce stress on eyes: Is blue light filter for PC enough?

Question: I am struggling to figure out how to reduce stress on my eyes. I have seen an ophthalmologist and a neurologist. The first said there is nothing wrong with my eyes, the latter that it is computer vision syndrome due to overuse. I am certain it is a technology issue as well as a health/sensitivity problem. Otherwise, there would be no way to have two devices next to each other where one causes eye stress and the other doesn’t.

I’ve also tried to pay close attention to what my eyes and eye muscles are doing while looking into the digital devices causing visual stress – there is definitely an inability to focus and a lot of tension. However, when I look away to focus (on part of the phone that is not the display for example), the eyes automatically relax. However, this has to be done often if I don’t want a migraine to develop and is quite annoying as you can imagine.

For you personally, is using a blue light filter for PC sufficient to relieve your eye strain? Stated differently, is the issue in blue light and you have figured out filters to get rid of it? Continue reading

Do low blue light filters improve Eye strain, Blurred vision, and Acuity?

Question: [A short introduction to the question may be useful: This reader had been experiencing a deteriorating problem of sensitivity to computer screens: eye strain, blurred vision, … Changing computer display settings to dark colors helped but did not solve the problem. The different (unspecified) low blue light filtering methods (excluding GLARminŸ Tester kit) hadn’t helped either. After seeing GLARminŸ blue light filter testing glasses the reader wondered if there was a similar product to test ones’ sensitivity to other light colors (wavelengths).

I recommended to look at other possible causes of computer screen light sensitivity and also suggested Irlen. Unfortunately, Irlen had no testing facility near this reader. Subsequently, I suggested a Swatchbook of filter gels, while expressing concerns about the ability of a non-expert to perform the tests well. A few weeks later, after having purchased and tried the filter gels, the reader came back with this question:]

I now realize that the low blue light filtering techniques that I had previously tried were not that effective. This has made me consider that my problem may indeed be related to low blue light after all. I am having some success with the filters that I bought (especially those that filter out the lower end of the visible spectrum – low blue light). The one issue I’m having is that visual acuity is also reduced by the filters. This makes a true comparison of their benefit difficult. I was wondering if you could comment on how your low blue light filtering kit [GLARminŸ Tester] is in terms of retaining clarity of vision? Continue reading

What is the best blue light filter for macular degeneration glasses

Question: I have macular degeneration (AMD), and am looking for the best filter for me. What macular degeneration glasses would you recommend? Continue reading

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