Do computer glasses protect your eyes from digital screens?

The question about the effectiveness of computer glasses in protecting your eyes against the maladies of digital screens, particularly blue light, appear often: Can glasses help eye strain; Do glasses protect your eyes from computer; How to protect eyes from computer screen using glasses; Can you get glasses for eye strain; Do computer glasses really work; etc. If you go and ask this question your favorite search engine you’ll get a lot of positive, a lot of negative, and a lot of inconclusive answers. That is because computer glasses effectiveness against eye strain depends on many objective and subjective factors. So, to answer the question in the title: Yes, they can protect your eyes, but when used properly. This article highlights one of perhaps the least known but the most common cause of eye strain for computer glasses wearers: the reflections on the back of the lenses.
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How to get rid of eye strain: Computer glasses, filter, or new monitor?

Question: I recently started having eye problems, especially after changing monitors. Severe eye strain. A friend told me to get special computer glasses which I’ve ordered, but I don’t know if that will be enough to cope with glare and blue light, which seems to be an issue. A question: How to get rid of eye strain – which monitor filter would you recommend to reduce glare and blue light? Or should I just purchase a new monitor that reduces blue light and glare?

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What are suitable eye protection glasses for computer users?

Question: Could Costco Blue Anti-Reflective Treatment be considered beneficial for eye protection glasses for computer users? Do you know if it is equivalent to any part of your blue light filter test kit? I need new glasses so am trying to consider my options. I have been getting some benefit by wearing a pair of old ski goggles with an amber lens while on the computer and watching TV. [This question came from a reader who’d ordered this blue filter test kit from GLARminŸ to find his personal best eye protection glasses for computer use.]

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Why computer blue light causes eye strain

Computer blue light can disturb our sharp vision thus causing eye strain which can be a problem for many people, particularly when it develops into chronic eye strain. This article explains why computer blue light negatively affects our sharp vision and why it can cause eye strain unless removed. Continue reading

What causes computer vision syndrome

If you suffer from computer vision syndrome (CVS) in one of its manifestations (symptoms) you want to find out what are the different causes for it so you can start looking for solutions. You can find some of the causes many places, but very few (if any) sources also list some of the less well known causes like font rendering, lack of IR-A light, and flicker. Continue reading

Are Zeiss DriveSafe lenses effective against headlights glare?

Question: I suffer from mildly-moderately photophobic. Glare from headlights and sunlight glare from reflections are mine primary buggers.  What do you think about the Zeiss Drivesafe lenses? According to Zeiss DriveSafe white paper) they work the best when blocking wavelength from 440–470 nm range. I am considering them for my next lenses, as they look “normal” (I can’t wear any of those “alien type of lenses”, as I work in a company where I would probably look weird to my clients :). I just need some confirmation whether they are good choice or not. I currently have ordinary Zeiss lenses, without anything specific inside.

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Are Macular Pigment Eye Supplements with Meso-Zeaxanthin safe?

Question: Are ocular supplements with Meso-Zeaxanthin safe to be used? I am skeptical about what would be happen with natural production of Meso-Zeaxanthin after I STOP taking macular pigment supplements? In short, are there any negative consequences if I stop using eye supplements?

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