Introducing GLARminŸ Tester

GLARminŸ Tester is the answer to the question many of you ask: Which blue blockers should I buy. It is eyewear (see below – fits also over prescription glasses) with 8 interchangeable blue light filters. It is simple to use: Find the filter that works best for you. Next, consult this table to find the closest matching blue light filter. Finally, click on the product’s link in the table to go to the vendor’s site and purchase whichever blue blocker you are after: glasses, screen protectors, flip-ups, fit-overs…

Blue light filter Tester S


Macular pigment supplement review: MacuShield & MacuHealth

This is to let you know that my review of MacuShield (MacuHealth) – macular pigment supplements with Meso-Zeaxanthin, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin, is now live.

I hope you find it useful.


Best blue light filtering eye supplements

The article on Best blue light filtering eye supplements is now available:
– Science shows that sufficient levels of Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Meso-Zeaxanthin, i.e. our eye’s macular pigment (MP), are vital for optimal visual performance, visual comfort and protection of our central vision from photochemical damage
– MP is our natural blue light filter and anti-oxidant
– Since a typical diet rarely offsets the depletion of our macular pigment it makes a lot of sense to consider appropriate eye supplements

Iris: More than a best blue light filter app – Review

I tested Iris, an app focused on reducing computer vision syndrome (CVS). Read about how it compares to f.lux, the popular blue light filter app designed to reduce insomnia. f.lux and Iris filter blue light using the best, color transform approach. Against insomnia they are similar. Iris offers more for CVS.

New article: Computer Vision Syndrome Books

Computer vision syndrome is an important topic for many people nowadays. Below is a list of the 6 books found in searches on Amazon-Books and Google-Books. The search phrases used: computer vision syndrome, computer eye strain, computer screen glare, photophobia, light sensitivity (causes), blue light filter, light-sensitive eyes, anti-glare, eye fatigue, computer glasses, fluorescent light sensitivity, flicker sensitivity, eye strain headache, tired eyes, visual stress/discomfort, and visual comfort. (The descriptions of the books are as provided by book vendors).

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Site (re)organization

Glarminy is being (re)organized to make it easier to find the right answers.

Initially it started out as a blog, but as posts piled up it became very difficult to navigate.

To date a new page Home – Site guide has been added. It’s content attempts to guide the visitor confronted with computer light sensitivity through the main issues to consider (with links to corresponding posts) in the attempt to improve their PC eye comfort.

Moreover the “blog” has been moved to “News” and this is its the first post. Similarly, in the future a short news post will be published about each new article. It will contain article’s abstract and a link to it. In this manner you’ll continue receiving updates into your mailbox as you always have.

Hopefully in this way it will be easier for you to find answers your questions and improve your PC eye comfort.

13 Blue light screen filters: Specs and Recommendations

Best blue light screen protectors

You’d like a filter for your screen (phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet) that would protect you from blue light and glare. You’ve looked all over with no luck. But, there are many vendors offering screen protectors with impressive blue blocking claims: filters blue light up to 100%, or 90% blue light blockage and in smaller font: from 370nm to 420nm. What does that mean? It gets really confusing when you also find their claim of no color distortion because that is impossible you can’t block blue light and see it too!?!

In fact it is not easy to find good screen protectors that do filter considerable proportion of blue light, with no sales tricks, just plain and straightforward data. It’s disappointing, but there is little contest for the best anti-blue light screen filter. Could it be that there are only #two that live up to its promises!? … Unless, you’d be happy with a DIY solution!?

Below is a review of 13 brands that claim blue blocking properties of their screen protectors. You’ll also find spectrograms (where available) with corresponding recommendations about filters’ suitability for different blue light associated conditions.

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