Computer vision syndrome is an important topic for many people nowadays. Below is a list of the 6 books found in searches on Amazon-Books and Google-Books. The search phrases used: computer vision syndrome, computer eye strain, computer screen glare, photophobia, light sensitivity (causes), blue light filter, light-sensitive eyes, anti-glare, eye fatigue, computer glasses, fluorescent light sensitivity, flicker sensitivity, eye strain headache, tired eyes, visual stress/discomfort, and visual comfort. (The descriptions of the books are as provided by book vendors).

Disclaimer: My interest in computer vision syndrome comes from my problems with light sensitivity (photophobia), discomfort glare, and computer eye strain.

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Basics of Computer Vision Syndrome

by Ajay Kumar Bhootra (2015. 125 pages)


Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) describes a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer use. Many individuals experience eye discomfort and vision problems when viewing a computer screen for extended periods. The level of discomfort appears to increase with the amount of computer use. The most common symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) are eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and neck and shoulder pain (American Optometric Association). This book is a concise guide to Computer Vision Syndrome for optometrists and ophthalmologists. Beginning with an overview of the condition, each of the following chapters discusses the management and prevention of disorders associated with CVS.

Key points:

  • Concise guide to management of computer vision syndrome (CVS) and associated disorders
  • Offers advice on prevention of CVS
  • Includes chapter on computer workstation arrangement
  • More than 65 images and illustrations enhance learning

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Easy on the Eyes:
Computer Light and Eye Comfort

by Uroš Bole (2017. 147 pages)



Easy on the Eyes is a guide to managing eye strain associated with computer screen light and lighting.

The book reviews and suggests solutions to all different causes of computer vision syndrome (CVS), however, its unique focus is on eye fatigue caused by computer light.

Computer light is considered the aggregate of all light computer users’ eyes are exposed to: light emitted by computers – blue light in particular -, glare, reflections, and lighting (natural and artificial).

Easy on the Eyes: Computer Eye Comfort is rooted both in science and in personal experiences of computer light sensitive people – the author and the readers of his site, Glarminy.


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Eye Tiredness

Facts, Causes, Symptoms, Computer vision Syndrome, Tips to Prevent Eye Strain with Home Remedies

e-book by Yasir Chohan (2014. 38 pages)


In this eBook you can find different home remedies to protect your eyes from getting tired. There are different home remedies which requires less than 10 minutes of time from your daily routine. You must protect your eyes from getting tired to avoid any further eye complications.

How to work efficiently on computer for hours without causing tiredness to your eyes?
In this eBook you can also find different ways to efficiently work on computer for hours without suffering from eye fatigue. Some people work in such conditions that they require hours and hours of working in front of the computer screen or perhaps reading books. This causes them eye strain, but with the help of simple tips they can protect their eyes.

Causes and symptoms of eye fatigue
When you know the causes and symptoms of eye fatigue, you can prevent from getting this problem by avoiding the causes mentioned in this eBook. With the help of this book you can understand this condition in a better way. This book is written in a very simple language for readers to understand. This book is beneficial for all the people who are suffering from eye tiredness and are looking for different ways to prevent this problem.

How eye muscles causes the eye fatigue?
You can learn about the anatomy of the eye in this eBook and understand the working of the eye. You can learn how different muscles get affected when you put strain on your eyes. There are many tips mentioned in this eBook through which you can prevent this problem by relaxing your muscles.


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21st Century Eye Problems,
What can you do about it?

 e-book by Alma Reeves (2014. 40 pages)


As computers, laptops, iPads and a growing number of other gadgets with screens become part of our everyday life, we spend more and more time front of the screen and that can create eye and vision problems. Our eyes were not made to look at a glaring screen just at arm length (or closer) every single day, hours after hours….

The symptoms associated with extensive computer usage now summed up in one name: Computer Vision Syndrome. This eBook explains what are the symptoms, how to prevent them and what can you do, once you noticing these symptoms.

It will give you practical help you can use in your daily life: from computer screen light changes to simple eye exercises.

As we are daily overusing our eyes working on computers, it is important to take responsibility for our eye health and know more about Computer Vision Syndrome.

The “21st Century Eye Problems, COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME: What can you do about it?” eBook is an easy to read and follow little guide-book with useful links that can help you to guard the health of your eyes.


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Dry and Itchy Eyes: How to Overcome Itchy, Red and Watery Eyes for Good

e-book by Joel Senior (2015. 35 pages)



Are you looking for a simple and effective ways to overcome itchy, dry, red or watery eyes for good? Do you know what causes hay fever? Do you know we get pink eye? Do you want to know if you suffer from Blepharitis or computer eye syndrome? If you want to know how you can treat and prevent dry, red, itchy and watery eyes, then you are in the right place.

This book will help you understand what causes common eye problems and how you can prevent them.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Can Expect To Learn:

Why your tears are important
What is Dry Eye Syndrome
What causes hay-fever and how it affects your vision
Do you suffer from Pink Eye, Blepharitis or other eye allergies
What is Computer Vision Syndrome and how to prevent it
And much, much more!


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Other books specifically on dry eyes syndrome (commission link).



Diagnosing and Treating Computer-Related Vision Problems

by  James E. Sheedy OD PhD & Peter G. Shaw-McMinn OD (2002. 288 pages)


With visual symptoms occurring in 50-90 percent of workers using computers, this practical guide details careful diagnosis and treatment of visual conditions that can cause visual syndromes. This book provides the knowledge, references, materials, and action plans designed to help practitioners diagnose and manage computer-related vision disorders. It addresses the visual and environmental factors that cause the visual problems experienced by computer users, offering practical suggestions for assessing the visual ergonomics of a patient’s computer workstation and reducing the visual demands of a task.

Serves as a readable and practical “how-to” guide to computer-related visual problems that guides the reader in diagnosing and treating computer-related visual disorders.

In-depth coverage addresses both the common visual problems and the environmental factors that cause them.

Action plans in each chapter suggest activities for implementing and applying strategies in the workplace.

A chapter on positioning the practice provides information on how to expand clinical practice into the area of caring for computer-users and improve patient satisfaction.

A chapter on marketing provides the tools needed to bring new patients into the reader’s practice and expand the patient base.

Exercises and hand-out materials designed for patient education encourage patient compliance with treatment guidelines.

Up-to-date information on various research studies and notes discusses the evidence-based rationales behind effective practice.

Information on lens products providA guide to managing eye strain associated with computer screens, focusing on CVS caused by blue light, glare, reflections, and interior lighting, based on science and personal experience.ion instruments provides information on the purchase and use of computer simulation instruments.


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