I’d be grateful if you helped me assess how much interest there is in my planned book Easy on the Eyes: Computer Light and Eye comfort.

Its intended focus is unique: A collection of possible solutions to computer eye strain and light sensitivity caused by computer light.

Please, accept my apologies if you were mislead in to thinking that the book is already available for purchase – I thought that might affect your clicking behavior.

The motivation for this book came from the comments of Glarminy visitors. Many have severe issues with computer light sensitivity. That means that staring into a screen for a longer period of time is painful. Yet Glarminy can only help them by offering advice on computer light sensitivity on computer screens, i.e. it asks people to subject themselves to pain in order figure out how to reduce it.

That seems like a big problem: It is easy to tell from visitors’ comments and letters that the skimming of the text was too fast to assimilate important concepts. Yet the solutions to computer light induced eye fatigue are often in understanding the details. That requires reading (not skimming) and sometimes re-reading of the text.

To help these people a book on computer light sensitivity seems like a good alternative. It would complete, revise, organize, and present better the information that is available here on Glarminy. In this manner one could assimilate the information without the pain of staring into a computer screen.

The book would cover the following issues:

  • a revision of non-light related causes and solutions of computer eye strain (CVS) to make sure the cause is not other than computer light
  • how and why does computer light cause CVS – the focus, of course, would be on blue light
  • different ways to improving visual comfort by blocking blue light emitted by computer screens and/or other light sources from reaching the photoreceptors in our eyes
  • suggest ways to arrange office lighting to minimize eye fatigue
  • how to reduce glare and reflections on your computer screen (down to none if necessary)
  • what can you do if you are sensitive to high frequency flicker
  • how to avoid sedentary lifestyle of computer work that might also cause eye fatigue
  • other (use the form below if you’d like to suggest some other issues you find important)


If you’d like to receive updates on the progress of this book project leave your e-mail address below.

Thanks a lot!