Recently I had an ophthalmologist look at my eyes again. The medical examination was focused on my problem with glare, i.e. light sensitivity. The outcome: I need to continue glarminizing my world to pave my way towards Glarminy.

After having performed extensive examinations (with the best equipment available in my country), the result was inconclusive. There seems nothing terribly wrong with my eyes:

  • I have slight astigmatism in my right eye (left is perfect),
  • I would need a mild correction for reading, and
  • my tears are not perfect, but as good as those of about 50% of the population (who, by and large, do not suffer from light sensitivity, nor have problems with dry eyes).

This is completely in line with the previous examinations I had had up until 2010. The only thing that has changed since then is that now I am over 40. Apparently that counts! Unfavorably I am afraid.

The doctor, who was sincerely preoccupied and really wanted to help, deeply regretted his powerlessness. Unfortunately there was no robust indication of what could be causing my condition of photophobia. Apparently – such was the conclusion – light sensitivity in my case might be due to an unfortunate alignment of the above mentioned factors. Although taken individually each factor is negligible, together they combine into intolerance to light. Furthermore, my light sensitivity is aggravated by the type of work I do – mostly computer work.

So, my hope for a brighter (NOT glary!) future will depend on finding ways to minimize my exposure to glare – in finding glarminomic ways of doing what I do.

What has been your experience with eye doctors? Is your condition of photophobia also beyond capabilities of modern medicine?