This is a preview of topics that are to appear on Glarminy. The list is organized around the issues that seem to be the most frequent and common sources of glare related problems.

Thus far two treatments have been suggested. Both are useful regardless of the cause of the problems (may also be other than glare). They are not strictly anti-glare as they heal or soothe glare’s consequences, rather than trying to minimize glare exposure. The two issues are:

The upcoming posts will, conversely, focus on a specific glare-related issue. The most common anti-glare topics are: computer work, indoor lighting, and driving. Evidently, there is an overlap between computer work and indoor lighting because computer work is most frequently an indoor activity. Here is the proposed agenda the weeks to come:

Computer work:

  • finding the least disturbing combination of colors on the computer screen
  • adjusting the brightness of your screen
  • what glare-related features to look for when purchasing a new computer screen/laptop/pad
  • how to minimize glare from a glossy screen frame
  • effectiveness of anti-glare filters

Indoor lighting:

  • ideal, glare minimized, indoor lighting – the concept
  • artificial light vs. natural daylight
  • taming the sunlight
  • taming overhead office lights
  • minimizing glare reflecting from walls and cabinets


  • minimizing glare on a sunny day
  • minimizing glare in rainy conditions
  • minimizing glare at night

What else? Would you suggest any other glare-related issues need an anti-glare/glarminomic solutions?