If your eyes feel like you have sand in them, the most likely recommendation you will get is to use artificial tears for dry eyes. However artificial tears seem to work on the symptom not the cause, thus propagating a vicious circle. I recommend consuming omega-3 rich oils and glarminomics instead.Vicious circle: Artificial tears are a good option to resolve the feeling of dryness in the eyes – for  about an hour one’s eyes feel “like new”. Then you put the drops in your eyes again. This is great as you can continue with the task at hand without interruption. Sometimes a quick fix is necessary. But be careful. If you take artificial tears on regular basis you will continue doing precisely the same activities (and in the same way) that contributed to the sandy feeling in your eyes. Consequently your eyes will get worse and worse and you find yourself in a vicious cycle “patching it up” with artificial tears more and more often with less and less effect.

Virtuous circle alternative: In the long run a better option to artificial tears is to consume  omega-3 rich oils and engage in glarminomics. The oils will slowly improve the quality of your own tears. Moreover, since the sensation of sand in the eyes will disappear gradually, the treatment will allow you to determine which activities make your eyes feel dry. Once identified, you may then learn to carry out these activities in a way that is less harmful to your eyes. (If light sensitivity, i.e. glare is at the root of the dry eye symptom, then looking for ways to carry out different activities in a more eye-friendly way might be referred to as glarminomics. Obviously, glarminomics is the principal concern of Glarminy). The combination of omega-3 rich oils and glareminomics will eventually lead to the eradication of eye dryness.

Which oils: Omega-3 rich oils that cure dry eyes are: walnut, flaxseed, hemp seed and fish oils.

How much: The recommended amount of oil to consume daily may be as much as 50ml (about 3 table spoons) of Omega-3 oils per day. In my case 1 table spoon a day over several months has given me good results. Perhaps, a good rule would be to start with a greater daily intake if the sensation of dryness is particularly bad. When your eyes improve, you can lower the intake.

How to take the oils: If you cannot drink the oils straight due to their peculiar tastes (this is highly likely after you have been doing it every day for a few weeks) you may try eating the oils mixed with other food. For example, you might use the oils for salad dressing, or mix them with cereal, oat meal, polenta, pasta etc. However, do avoid heating the oils before consumption to retain their healing properties. Another trick is to alternate between the three oils such that you take each day a different one.

Have you tried this diet? Did it work for you? Would you share any recipes of foods that are particularly good with one of omega-3 rich oils?

Would you recommend any other treatment of dry eyes?